Alliance for Adult Education Foundation

Alliance for Adult Education Foundation launches legislative agenda on Capitol Hill

AAE leaders and public affairs specialist meet at U.S. Congress Wedneday, March 1. L-R: Major General Bob Silverthorn (Military Recruitment Liaison), Olivia Lucerne (Prism Group Public Affairs Senior Associate), Rivkah Sass (Public Library Liaison), Dr. Howard Liebman (Executive Director), Ron Stefanski (Chief Community Affairs Officer)

Alliance will build equity and access by upskilling the 36M+ American adults who never completed high school

Alliance leaders meet with members of Congress, launching legislative agenda on Capitol Hill

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., March 16, 2023 — The Alliance for Adult Education Foundation (AAEF) was created in February 2023 to unite public and industry leaders to expand career and education pathways for the 36M+ adults who lack a high school diploma. Partnering with Prism Group, a bipartisan government affairs firm specializing in coalition-building, AAEF recently launched its legislative agenda in Washington, DC.

“This issue of educational access for adults is bigger than any one company or organization,” said Ron Stefanski, AAEF’s chief community affairs officer. “We need to mobilize a national coalition to ensure that more is done across the legislative landscape for these adults, especially those from marginalized communities. Members on either side of the political aisle understand that enabling people to finish high school has the ability to bring millions of people into the workforce and help build a more sustainable, inclusive economy.”

Without having graduated high school, many people are unable to pursue further education, get better jobs, or fully participate in society. AAEF’s purpose is to maximize the untapped potential of these adults, advocating for access to funding and support for education and training opportunities.

The Alliance focuses on five legislative priority areas:

  • Workforce: Expand adult education in the workforce development system.
  • Military: Strengthen military recruitment by providing access to high school completion and creating more eligible American adults.
  • Corporations: Expand partnerships between educators and businesses to build a better-skilled workforce through education benefits programs that start with secondary education.
  • Community colleges: Support and grow the community college system as a seamless pathway for adults to transition directly to postsecondary education and workforce training.
  • Public libraries: Equip libraries with the funding and resources to offer career, training, and education opportunities within local communities.

If you are interested in partnering with the Alliance, or learning more about its objectives, please contact us.

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